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Top 5 wedding photographers in Portugal

Hello brides and grooms, and everyone who is reading this blog post.

Keeping in mind that Dream Weddings Europe is based in Portugal, this time we decided to talk about wedding photographers from our country, since this service is so important for every couple.

Top 5 wedding photographers in Portugal by Dream Weddings Europe

Portugal is a small country, but even here you have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a photographer for your celebration.

There are different websites, Instagram accounts with nice pictures, but having a personal opinion is much better, isn’t it?

Dream Weddings Europe has a great experience working with different wedding photographers in Portugal since 2012.

We appreciate not only beautiful pictures, but also personality, taste, understanding trends and the beauty of a human, natural colors, fast work and many many more.

Please find below our selection that will quickly help you to find the best wedding photographer for your destination wedding in Portugal.


No one will forgive us if we don't include Brancoprata in our list of Portugal wedding photographers. Over the years, André Teixeira from Brancoprata Photography has created an amazing reputation in the Portuguese world of photographers. André is famous for his nice taste and classy style of pictures, natural colors, and work outside of Portugal.

André’s work is a great example of how timeless and elegant film photography is.

Top 5 wedding photographers in Portugal by Dream Weddings Europe


Sandra and Miguel are a nice and kind Portuguese couple that lives in Coimbra - a small city between Lisbon and Porto. We love them for their elegant style of pictures, their professionalism and quality. With Atmosphere Photography you’ll be always happy with the result!

Top 5 wedding photographers in Portugal - Atmosphere Photography


Passionate is a photography brand created by Sandra and Ricardo (they say they are not a couple!) and based in the Algarve - southern part of Portugal. Sandra and Ricardo work a lot with fashion editorials and they like to bring this experience into wedding photography too. The couples photographed by Passionate always look classy!

Top 5 wedding photographers in Portugal - Passionate


Anastasiia from Portugal Wedding Photographer is such a nice person and has a good sense of taste for photography. She knows how to make you look beautiful in pictures. Anastasiia is originally from Russia, but she has lived in Portugal for many years and has a lot of experience in wedding photography.

Top 5 wedding photographers in Portugal - Portugal Wedding Photographer


When you see Alice for the first time you immediately understand why her photography style is so romantic. Alice has a very nice personality, she is very cute as well as her work. Alice is a film camera lover, so if you love natural light, she is your photographer.

Top 5 wedding photographers in Portugal - Alice Vicente

We hope our selections help you choose the right person to capture the most beautiful moments of your lives.

Kind regards.


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