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At Dream Weddings Europe we believe that planning a wedding in Europe is more than just managing and coordinating several wedding services in Portugal, France, Italy, Saint Petersburg or other.

We take an artistic approach to achieve each couple's wedding dreams and to create an aesthetic translation of their vision for the destination wedding celebration. We are committed to ensuring that couples getting married in Europe have beautiful, stylish and memorable wedding days.

The creative work of wedding design and wedding styling includes creating a concept for the wedding. The planning of each wedding starts with an "idea". To build up the idea, we begin by collecting useful information as the sort of venues the couple likes, their individual styles and tastes, and the reasons why they chose the particular country or region for theirdestination wedding in Europe. Starting from something elegant or ethereal, we can create unique concepts, based on, for example, favourite movies, the history of the venue or the couple's favourite brands.


After sharing ideas with the Bride and Groom, we will come up with the styling concept, the idea to follow and start working on the wedding styling, which means making sure every detail matches the wedding styling concept.

At Dream Weddings Europe, we believe that attention to meaningful details leads to perfect wedding celebrations.

Developing a detailed wedding design project takes time and dedication. Usually, we start it once the couple chooses the venue, and the Bride has picked out her



Yes, the wedding dress, like the venue, is an essential element of the wedding design and wedding styling. The wedding dress is one of the main accessories of a wedding, grabbing a lot of attention so we must take into consideration how it relates to every other aesthetical detail of the wedding day.

For a month, more or less, DWE's leading wedding planner and wedding stylist, Anastasiia Halla will create a wedding design and wedding styling proposal inspired by all information collected and rendered into a presentation containing a mood board, a colour palette, a concept and inspiration images for the main wedding features like stationery, floral decorations, bridal party styles and other.

After the presentation, the couple will give their input, discuss the project with Anastassia. Once every detail is settled, we will have a final wedding design project ready to send to the best wedding vendors (florists, decorators, stationery and cake designers), get their quotes

and calculate the global investment for the destination wedding in Europe.

Wedding design and wedding styling in Europe
Wedding design and wedding styling in Europe: Portugal, France, Italy

As part of wedding design and wedding styling project, we also develop drawings and floor plans illustrating the different areas of the celebration like table positions in the dining room, the setting of the ceremony area, and others.

These are helpful visual aids for creating and planning the wedding and for supervising on the wedding day.

Following it allows our team to accurately set-up every detail.

Please feel free to share your questions and thoughts, we will help you finding the right way to celebrate your love.

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