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established 2012


Portugal, European Atlantic jewel that has become one of the most popular destinations over the last few years; not only for holidays but also for weddings - it is not surprising to see the number of couples willing to get married in Portugal to increase significantly.

What are the advantages of choosing Portugal as destination for your wedding ? We can say that there are lot, let's review some of them ! 

1. Historic wedding venues - very popular and original choice that can be found in each region of the country, either in Lisbon, Porto or Algarve area.

These castles, palaces, fortresses, houses and many others were built based on that time kings & queens, marquis, and other various historical figures preferences. Nowadays most of these historic places are either great hotels offering a good quality of service - which is usually appreciated by couples looking for comfort in an unusual place, either event venues or private places.


2. The quality of service which is pretty high, even in the countryside.

Working with premium class vendors, we'll help you to chose the best professionals for your wedding day, from the waiter for your wedding dinner to the private chef for your stay. The other goo point is that in Portugal, most of the people working in the wedding industry, but also generally speaking Portuguese people speak English, which facilitates many things compared to some other European countries.


3. The products' quality & Portuguese cuisine.

One thing is certain, no one is left hungry. Portugal is the country of seafood, vegetables & fruits, olives and wine of course. You'll also be pleasantly surprised by the cuisine, various, tasty and pretty served in a Portuguese way. Our team will be happy to guide you through the best places an restaurants to discover, but also in the catering company choice for your wedding - this won't leave you indifferent!


4. The nature an the weather.

The freshness of the ocean in the air allows you to spend a nice time, during your stay but also your wedding day, even on very hot days in summer. For those willing to have their wedding out of the high season, the advantage is that sunny days start in May and last until at least October, sometimes even until December!


In edition to this, there are lot of other advantages of choosing Portugal as destination for your wedding, but the most important is the person you can 100% trust in, that will accompany you through this whole process - your wedding planner.

We wait for you in Portugal an will be happy to provide you the best wedding planning service.