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Portugal, a European Atlantic jewel has become one of the most popular travel destinations over the last few years;

not only for holidays but also for destination weddings, thus it is not surprising to see the number of couples seeking

to get married in Portugal increase significantly.

What are the advantages of choosing Portugal as your wedding destination?

We can say that there are many, so let's review some of them!

Top reasons for choosing Portugal as your wedding destination.



Choosing a historic venue is a trendy, very sought-out, and original venue option that you can find in every region of Portugal: coastal or inland, north or south, near main cities like Lisbon or Porto, or around spectacular natural surroundings like the magical Douro valley, or the sunny Algarve.

In Portugal, there are historic wedding venues like castles, palaces, fortresses, manors, established during times of reigning monarchs, kings and queens, and other members of royalty exclusively built following their refined taste, preferences, which provide unforgettable period charm to a wedding.


Nowadays, most of these well-kept historical places were transformed into excellent hotels offering luxurious services and modern days amenities—something usually appreciated by couples looking for comfort in an unusual location, or into fabulous event venues and private properties available to hold weddings upon request.




Portugal offers qualified and experienced professionals and is widely known for its people hospitality skills. The quality of service and politeness is pretty high throughout the territory, even in the most remote areas.

Working with premium class vendors, we'll help you choose the best professionals for your wedding day, from the waiter for your wedding dinner to the private chef during your stay. Another advantage point is that in Portugal, people working in the wedding industry, as well as most of the population, speak average English, facilitating the

entire destination wedding process, particularly when compared to some other European countries.




One thing is sure, the dining experience in Portugal leaves everyone well pleased. Portugal is the country of fresh seafood and fish, delicious vegetables and fruits, fabulous olives and olive oil and superb wines. You'll also be pleasantly surprised by the Portuguese cuisine, diverse, tasty, pretty and served uniquely. Our team will be

delighted to guide you through the best restaurant options worth discovering, and also in finding the perfect catering company solution for your wedding. In Portugal, you'll go on a tasteful and memorable eating experience that won't leave you, indifferent!




Portugal has all-year-around mild weather allowing you to feel the freshness of the ocean in the air even during Summer's warmest days enabling you to have a lovely time, during your stay and on your wedding day. For those willing to have their wedding out of the high season, the advantage is that sunny days start in May and last until at least October, sometimes even until December! The welcoming weather can be enjoyed throughout the country in its wide variety of different landscapes, from coastal to inland, from beaches to mountains.

In addition to this, you might find out many other advantages in choosing Portugal as a destination for your wedding. Still, we elect the most important as being the person you can rely 100% on, and who will escort you through the whole destination wedding process - us, DWE your Wedding Planner in Portugal.

We're here waiting for you and will be thrilled to provide you with the best wedding planning service in Portugal.

Dream Weddings Europe is well-acquainted with all the stunning locations Portugal has to offer, from Lisbon and its surroundings to Alentejo, Porto, and the Algarve. This captivating country, steeped in a rich and distinctive history, presents boundless opportunities to captivate you and your guests.

Book a consultation today, and let's envision remarkable celebrations together.


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