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QUINTA DA BELLA VISTA – high-end wedding venue in Sintra, Portugal

Quinta da Bella Vista in Sintra is one of Europe's most luxurious, unique, breathtaking venues.

If you're recently engaged, wish to have a destination wedding in Europe, are in the early planning stages, or are still deciding on the venue, you must consider Quinta da Bella Vista.

Photo by Alice Vicente

In Portugal's most romantic setting, the village of Sintra, this magnificent estate is a versatile venue with multipurpose outdoor and indoor areas, structures and accommodations operated by a flawless team delivering top-notch, exquisite service.

Quinta da Bella Vista's secluded property ensures discernible privacy. At the same time, the location is 30 minutes from Lisbon; it is comfortably reachable anywhere in the world from Lisbon Airport.

Sintra is a magical village, a Unesco Heritage site, on top of the hills of a dense forest near the Lisbon Atlantic coast. This geographic position creates a unique microclimate known for its freshness and sweet, misty light, forever enchanting and inspiring for many, especially artists.

With strategic importance through the ages, Sintra became a trendy site for the privileged to establish their summer palaces and mansions, specifically during the nineteenth century. That's one of the reasons why Sintra has so many beautiful wedding venues,

All the factors above contribute to the popularity of Sintra as one of the most coveted locations for destination weddings in Portugal, and some are among our favorites, like Penha Longa Resort, which we've talked about.

But today, above all, we want to share more about Quinta da Bella Vista and what makes it a perfect venue for a European destination wedding.


Apart from the historic property's beauty and location, the well-kept and carefully updated with modern-day amenities architecture, it has a glamourous story attached: it was formerly the property of the British writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, famous for creating Sherlock Holmes's character. He lived there from 1890, and some of his family members lived there almost permanently until the 1950s, namely the youngest son, Adrian. Adrian was a lively soul who, besides continuing his father's Sherlock Holmes books, was also a painter and enjoyed receiving and entertaining. By his account, Quinta da Bella Vista was a regular gathering spot for celebrities, a tradition kept to this day, according to the official Quinta da Bella Vista's website.

Photos by Alice Vicente


One of Quinta da Bella Vista Sintra's highlights as a venue is its lush gardens. There are several spacious gardens on different levels of the estate, each with its singularity, all perfect for holding ceremonies, cocktails, or outdoor dinner receptions.

The Lawn Garden, situated on the Quinta da Bella Vista's highest ground, is partially surrounded by trees and has a fantastic panoramic view. This garden is a favorite for wedding ceremonies among couples due to its adorable antique sort of built-in stage.

Photos by Alice Vicente

The Theater Garden, situated below the Lawn Garden, has an extensive sun-soaked lawn that is excellent for any moment of your wedding day.

Photos by Atmosphere

Usually, after some of the wedding moments held in gardens, guests move to the Victorian Greenhouse, where the dinner is served. The Greenhouse is a metallic glass-covered structure with wooden floors offering protection from less pleasant climate conditions while providing a magical nature immersion experience. The Greenhouse is suitable for hosting dinner receptions of up to 150 guests.

Photos by Alice Vicente

Due to the area's sound restrictions, the Adega room in the main building is the preferred place to host wedding parties; it has excellent acoustics and a bar. Parties are allowed until 2am.

Rental prices and conditions differ depending on the season and the quantity of accommodation needed. Please note that rental of the event spaces at Quinta da Bella Vista also requires some accommodation booking.

The company managing Quinta da Bella Vista has a list of trusted catering vendors but is relatively flexible with restrictions on other wedding vendors.

Before you request a pricing proposal, we recommend you thoroughly read all the terms provided. Quinta da Bella Vista is a private estate run with a clear mission to protect its peacefulness beauty and to maintain all distinctive features impeccably. The more aware you are of those Terms, the fewer surprises you'll face, ensuring a successful and smooth event.

Photo by Alice Vicente

DWE team highly recommends Quinta da Bella Vista, Sintra, for a beautiful and enjoyable stay in Portugal and, most of all, to hold a dream destination wedding in Europe. Contact us for more information.


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