All you need to know about a wedding at Penha Longa Resort

Penha Longa Resort – one of the most famous wedding venues in Portugal.

If you are starting to search for your perfect wedding location in Portugal, especially in the Lisbon area, I’m sure you came across the Penha Longa Resort.


Located in the natural park of Sintra, this huge luxury resort belongs to the Ritz Carlton group of hotels.

There is a main building, with a front-desk, hotel rooms, swimming pool and many other facilities.

There are many golf fields, a building with a restaurant (actually there are several restaurants in the resort area).

And one of the most important details for you, my friend, is the area of the Monastery, where usually all weddings take place.

The Monastery includes:

- A catholic church. The church is very big and beautiful, and could host around 200 people or even more. The priest normally comes from Sintra’s church. Anyway, event managers at the hotel will provide all the necessary information about this;

- If you would rather opt for a symbolic or civil ceremony, you might be interested in the gardens that surround the Monastery building. They are also perfect for a cocktail hour. There are two gardens in one area only (lower and upper gardens).

- For a dinner up to 120 guests you have the Arch Room. It’s a nice area, however there are many columns spread throughout the room, which might difficult visibility. The celling is low, but with the right lighting and decoration your wedding planner/stylist can create an amazing setup.