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Paris: wedding venues

Thinking of getting married in Paris?

We find your dream venue, whether it is for 2 or 200 people !

Paris is one of the most romantic wedding destinations, where you can celebrate your day in any season.

Paris is the capital of history, with its architecture, its famous monuments. Every district has its charm, every

street corner will seduce you. Discover its wonderful venues, fine gastronomy and French culture.

DreamWeddings Europe provides tailored services and beautiful venues for an unforgettable wedding day.

Why DreamWeddings Europe ?

Our team of passionated wedding specialits search the perfect venue for your special day, regarding your desired style, your whishes and your budget. We are in France, we work with the best partners to make your day memorable. It avoids you hours of reasearch and stress, and you don’t face the language barrier.

What kind of venues can we find in Paris ?

If you are planning a small wedding (from 2 to XXXXX people) we look for small and intimate places like beautiful small terraces, French gardens, French « Salons Haussmaniens », rooftops and the famous Eiffel Tower…

The prices for small stylish wedding in Paris can be very cheap - 1900 - 2900 Euros.

For premuim weddings - luxury restaurant with Eiffel Tower's view

But we also organize wedding celebrations in beautiful French castles, that are all around Paris.

For example, this amazng castles 30 min.from Paris. Ceremony rent fee + chairs "Napoleon" and carpet = 850 Euros.

If you are planning a more important wedding (from XXXXX people), our team looks for adapted Frenchy venues, that are French castles, French « salons » and huge magnificent venues.

For example this salon with rental fee - 5500 Euros up to 400 people

How does it work ?

DreamWeddings Agency offers « à la carte services » and different wedding packages.

If you are interested in working with us, please send us your request. Then your wedding planner will contact you by email for a first contact. We define your needs together and send you some proposals. If you agree with our proposals we start to plan your wedding day from A to Z.

Of course we take care of the wedding set up : floral arrangements, stylish decorations that fits your wedding global style, but also of all of the suppliers (caterer, photographer, music…), that means that you follow the wedding organization progress, but it is stress-free!

On the D-Day, you care about nothing and enjoy one of the most important days of your life!

See you in France!

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