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Destination Wedding in Europe Budget: Where to invest, Where to save

European countries are becoming increasingly popular for Destination Weddings by the year.

Engaged Couples love and embrace the idea of European weddings, and among their favourite destinations are Italy, France, Portugal, and Greece.If you're engaged and considering a Destination Wedding in Europe, no matter where in

Europe or what kind of budget you have, you might be facing these doubts: 

Which vendors and services are more relevant?
Where should you invest more money, and where can you save some?

Even though every couple's budget is different, we can share some helpful advice that will come in handy for a successful Destination Wedding in Europe.

Please note that we base our advice on our Wedding Planning experience working with couples from all over the world and our brand's vision, which might differ from your values. 

Wedding vendors and services where you should invest

1. Wedding Planner

A company and people working for you who you can trust and rely on are key from the instant you choose the location to the end of the wedding day.

They will advocate for your best interests, be there to support you, be your adviser, be a problem solver, and most importantly, be a time saver. A good wedding planner will never be cheap, but we assure you every dime is well spent. Please note that a Wedding Planner's work differs from all other wedding services. To provide excellent service, a suitable wedding planner takes on a minimal number of projects per year (let's say up to 15), allowing them to

maintain good physical and psychological balance and availability to support you throughout the planning process.

2. Photographer

Most people agree that wedding photographers are among the most important vendors. Wedding pictures will endure a lifetime, are a keepsake, and most likely will live on for the next generations. But it doesn't mean you have to necessarily choose the most expensive photographer in the country (or even the world) – there are several fantastic photographers in a middle price range. 

Tips to choose the right photographer:
  • Choose a photographer with a classic, timeless style to ensure your pictures will age well, and your wedding photos will always be enchanting.

  • Ask your wedding planner's opinion (wedding planners work closely with wedding photographers and will guide you to find your match).

  • Read the wedding photographer's reviews online.

  • Carefully check their Instagram page for aesthetics and pay close attention to comments and fresh content (ideally, follow the photographer for at least a week).

Extra Tips: for a Destination Wedding, we recommend couples hire wedding photographers for 12 hours if they want coverage of every moment of their wedding day. If you have more than 30 guests, we recommend having two photographers; if you have more than 200 guests, we recommend hiring a team of three photographers. 

3. Food and drinks

Catering is one of the things guests remember most, along with the emotions shared. We live in a century of "foodies" - people love to eat delicious, high-quality food, pair it with a superior selection of drinks and have plenty of both. Nothing is worse than a limited number of wine bottles or beverages that run out of stock in the middle of the party or when guests leave the reception feeling hungry; therefore, we highly recommend investing in a good catering company.

4. Cocktail hour seating area

After the Ceremony and before the Dinner Reception, it is time for a Cocktail hour. Usually, it lasts up to 2 hours, but since it's Cocktail time, couples expect guests to mingle, engage and chat with each other. That's true, but poor ladies, many suffer during the Cocktail, wearing those high heels they put on to look lovely on your wedding day. Ladies and senior guests might enjoy and require a place to sit (preferably under a nice shadow). Please consider these guests and rent a pleasing, large, comfortable lounge area with sofas, armchairs or puffs.

5. Kids' entertainment

If you invite more than five kids between 2 and 10 years old, it will be challenging for parents to entertain them. Besides having special children's meals, providing entertainment/care is also an excellent courtesy for your guests. A couple of animators who will play with kids, keep them company, eat with them, and keep them busy is worth every cent! And the parents will enjoy your wedding fully.

6. Ceremony decorations

Many couples think that the Ceremony doesn't deserve a good investment in decorations and often consider a more significant investment in the Dinner Receptions since it lasts longer. We would say that in the end "it's your choice" but if you want to impress your guests – Ceremony is the right moment. Why? Because it is a beautiful and memorable moment. It's the first chance to create a charming background for your love story – the most beautiful memories will come precisely from the Ceremony. 

7. Dinnerware 

It may suprise some people, but flowers are less important at the Dinner Reception. Dinner time is all about attention to detail, so choose good quality tablecloths, pleasant and in good shape cutlery and plates without scratches or chips.

PS: Please ensure you provide comfortable chairs and seating, too!

Wedding vendors and services where you can save

1. Stationery

Many guests and couples value and care about sustainability and ecological details. Nowadays, there's no need to print invitations – digital ones work well! Reducing the Wedding day stationery also makes sense: one menu per table instead of one for each guest, no place cards – guests can sit at a specific table without having an assigned seat.

2. Videographer

It is lovely to have a film about your wedding, but let's face it, most couples will only watch it a few times (Honestly, I am trying to remember where my wedding video is after ten years). 

3. Dinner florals

Minimalistic wedding dinner florals are a big trend! Check Pinterest and get inspired: you’ll find there are several lovely options. 

4. Celebrant

There is always a friend or a family member who feels comfortable with public speaking and knows you well – together, you can create a beautiful ceremony and save money on the celebrant.

5. Live music

What is important is music in general. If you and your partner create a wedding playlist reflecting your tastes, surely your guests will love it – you'll have a 99% chance of success. 

6. Large wedding cake 

If you still would like to follow the tradition of cutting a wedding cake, downgrade it in size, not elegance; make it tiny and cute.

7. Fairy lights

The wedding industry is tired of fairy lights, but we understand why brides and grooms still fancy this decoration. While being quite pricey, people wish that fairy lights would feel like being under the stars, but more is needed to achieve this ambience. Sometimes, lights are placed at the wrong time and place – so please check with your Wedding Planner if having fairy lights at your wedding is worth the investment. 

We hope you've found this article helpful and would love to hear your opinion!

Kind regards, DWE.


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