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established 2012


France has always been popular for destination weddings - each year hundreds of  couples coming from all over the world chose this country to celebrate their wedding. Why? Being based in France, we can say that it is a seductive destination, well known as the country of love, history, authenticity, each of its region has something special that offers its proper charm. 


You know the country, but are not sure about it as destination for your wedding? Here are our top French regions for destination weddings: 


Destination Paris and its region. In Paris there are lot of diverse venues: very typical French places, hidden venues in the heart of the city, luxury hotels, exquisite restaurants, historical places, famous museums, and of course lot of châteaux and interesting venues around the city, easily accessible. 

We recommend to celebrate weddings in Paris from May to September, out of this season it is still feasible but more in beautiful indoor venues because of the weather risk. 

In the French capital, you have everything you need for your big day: great boutiques & designers' showrooms, excellent wedding professionals, high quality food etc; and one of its advantages is the easy access with its two main international airports. 


Destination French Riviera: the French Côte d'Azur is one of the world's favorite destination for travel and celebrations due to its very sunny weather that lasts almost all year long, and its relaxed atmosphere. Regarding the venues, you're spoilt of choice and you'll be surprised by the diversity of the places: historical venues in small medieval villages, boutique and luxury hotels offering gorgeous sea view, private villas & châteaux, boats, islands, beautiful domaines in Provence... With or without accommodation, French Riviera has something for everyone!

For weddings & event celebrations, held outdoor most of the time, the season starts in April and can go until November. Moreover, the French Riviera is a good choice for your summer holidays - you can enjoy the city stays around Nice, Cannes & St Tropez and get some rest in the middle of nowhere if you are looking for a very relaxing stay, in the countryside in Provence area. 


We will also recommend to consider Bordeaux and Loire Valley regions. These destinations are full of luxury chateaux, where you'll feel like a prince and princess; but also of famous vineyards. 


From our side, we will provide you a premium quality service to create a great French experience for you and your guests and make your dream last during your whole wedding stay in France. We will book the best professionals for your wedding day in order to make it perfect. So let’s meet in France and start to plan your beautiful destination wedding together !