The most beautiful wedding venues in Greece: Photographer's choice

If you are thinking about a destination wedding in Europe, you definitely need to consider beautiful Greece.

No matter if you have been there already or not, you surely heard about the history of this old country and its mythology, its beaches, islands and warm summer seasons.

The most beautiful wedding venues in Greece - Dream Weddings Europe

Nowadays, Greece is recognised as one of the most popular countries for destination weddings. As an international wedding planning agency, Dream Weddings Europe loves to plan dreamy weddings in Greece.

There are so many beautiful locations and venues, but also top quality wedding professionals. Greek people are very warm, it is a pleasure to work with them!

The most beautiful wedding venues in Greece - Dream Weddings Europe

Today we decided to ask one of our favorite wedding photographers in Greece - Les Anagnou, about their favorite wedding venues around the country. If not a photographer, who else will give you the perfect insight of weddings in Greece?

About Les Anagnou Photographers:

Interview with Greek wedding photographers Les Anagnou by Dream Weddings Europe

"Hi! We're Paul and Yiota Anagnou, the faces behind Les Anagnou Wedding Photographers!

Our studio was born from our love for beautiful and clean fine art wedding photography. Since the first day we are seeking to create timeless photographs for all the couples who are choosing us for their wedding day, so they can enjoy their photos for the rest of their days as husband and wife.

We love doing things together, our wedding studio is one of them. Being partners in life and work allows us to work great as a team and always deliver breathtaking images inspired by our couples’ love. We're based in beautiful Greece and we're traveling all around Europe to capture destination weddings. Our clients are people that take their wedding photography seriously and want highly aesthetic portraits from their special celebrations.

Hope you like our list of the most beautiful venues in Greece."

Wedding at Lake of Vouliagmeni - Dream Weddings Europe

Lake of Vouliagmeni

Taken as if out of a fairytale, the lake of Vouliagmeni is a whimsical place in Athens where the scenery is breathtaking and the atmosphere serene. It has a very long history, home to water fairies as the ancient history suggests, the lake on a summer afternoon is like a mirror reflecting the sky. Very cinematic, very pretty it is a unique wedding location, just 20 minutes out of Athens. We're sure you'd be enchanted, it is one of our favorite wedding locations to work!

Island Athens riviera - one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Athens

Island Athens Riviera

You've probably have come across Islands Athens Riviera one way or another on Social Media because truly it's one of the most coveted locations in Athens to have a wedding. It overlooks (as the name suggests) a lovely piece of the Athenian Riviera and has a stunning view of the Aegean. It's almost impossible to believe that it's just 40 minutes out of Athens. We often capture weddings there, it has endless potential design-wise and the light is perfect every time!

Canaves Oia - one of the most beautiful wedding venues on Santorini Island