Lisbon's wedding venues: Seteais Palace overview

Hello, Portugal lovers!

Dream Weddings Europe is pleased to introduce you to Seteais Palace - the beautiful palace-hotel, created in the style of neoclassicism, which is located almost in the heart of Sintra - traditional historical village near Lisbon.

Lisbon's wedding venues: Seteais Palace in Sintra

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The road to the palace lies through the heart of the villa, and right after the ancient Quinta da Regaleira, you will see the entrance to its space.

The hotel has enough parking space, which is very important for your wedding guests.

Near the main entrance to the hotel, you will always meet a polite concierge who will try to help with some questions you might have, such as "where to go" and "where to park."

We must say that Seteais Palace is a 5-stars hotel, it has a high level of service, like all the Tivoli hotels, owned by the Minor Hotels Group. The staff here is very friendly and trained to the highest customer service standards.

Lisbon's wedding venues: Seteais Palace in Sintra

Regarding weddings at Seteais Palace, you’ll always find 2 options:

Option 1

You can book the entire hotel for your wedding, have no sound restrictions and the party can last until 5am. It is enough to book one night only. The 20 000 euros fee includes 30 rooms, complete privatization of the hotel, gardens and restaurant, a delicious breakfast and the service. The amount is the same all year round, except in August - during this month it increases to 30 000 euros.

Option 2

You can also have your wedding at Palácio de Seteais without booking any rooms (or booking just a few). In this case, the party can last until 11:30pm, maximum, so the hotel guests are not disturbed. This option can also be interesting for intimate weddings and elopements, or you can opt for a party in a beautiful bar, you’ll find lots of them in the center of Sintra.

It should also be noted that the hotel management is flexible enough and ready to consider different options for weddings that take place during the low season, so be sure to contact Dream Weddings Europe before making a decision - we will help you find the best solution.

Now, let's look at the different places offered by the hotel for different parts of the wedding day.


Near the Seteais Palace you will find about 5 beautiful churches. For example, one of them, São Martinho church, is only a 5 minutes drive and can host up to 250 people.

If you want to depart from the traditional wedding in a church and plan a legal or symbolic ceremony, the Palace will offer you several options to hold it in their space:

Nobre Room.

During the cold season or rainy days, you can use a beautiful room, decorated in a palace style and with stunning, hand-painted walls (preserved from the 18th century!). A little bit of flowers and you will have a gorgeous wedding ceremony.

Lisbon's wedding venues: Seteais Palace in Sintra

Jardim Frontal

This garden, or rather the field with green grass, is right in front of the Palace. Sit the guests facing the palace and this will be the perfect background for your ceremony. If you decide to have your guests sitting backwards to the palace, they will gaze at you, as well as the Palácio da Pena and Mouros Castle. Do not worry about your guest ladies' thin heels - at the entrance to the garden, you can always leave a basket with heel caps for them, and walking on the grass will be just as comfortable as on a hard surface.

Lisbon's wedding venues: Seteais Palace in Sintra

Lemon Garden

It is located on the other side of the palace and it is strewn with lemon trees. Everywhere you look - any background is beautiful, and from some places you can see the ocean. This garden is perfect for the ceremony, and also for a cocktail or brunch on the next day. Just behind this garden you will see a swimming pool with stunning views. Here would be very cool to throw a cocktail and see the sunset or to have a pool party, but it is important to know that this zone can only be used if you privatize the hotel.

Important: Palácio de Seteais never books a wedding in short notice.