Interview with Riccardo Serravalle | House of St.Patrick - Pronovias Group

Dear readers, for sure you know Pronovias.

This brand of worldwide known wedding dresses has an amazing reputation and has stores in almost every big city of our planet. But this doesn't make the brand look "mass market", due to creativity, many different collections, great materials and great designers working to make you look and feel gorgeous in a Pronovias dress.

But did you know that Pronovias has different and separate brands in the Group?

One of the Pronovias' sub brands is St. Patrick - this brand creates dresses designed for brides who want to be dressed in a modern style, design and feel very elegant by showing off their statuesque silhouette.

Anastasiia Ivanova - a director of Dream Weddings Europe, as a wedding planner in Portugal and abroad she is passionate about bridal style and she loves Pronovias. Today she is happy to invite you to read our interview with the new Head of Design of the House of St. Patrick - Riccardo Serravalle. Riccardo is an award-winning fashion designer who grew up admiring bridal gowns and their styles. One of his goals has always been to join the Pronovias Group Artistic Team, and let his imagination and creativity take form through beautiful wedding dresses.

St. Partick wedding dresses 2021

ANASTASIIA DWE: Riccardo, can you tell us your story? What brought you to the wedding world and exactly to Pronovias Group?

RICCARDO: I’m an Italian-German designer – I was always fascinated by the transformation from the women to the bride, I remember looking into bridal magazines and saying to my Mom – when I become older, I want to work for Pronovias. Now I can say that

being part of the Pronovias Group Artistic team is like a dream come true.

I started designing Occasional Collections in Germany and later on as Senior Designer for the New Yorker Bridal Designer Justin Alexander. During my career I had the opportunity to work with Claudia Schiffer on her Project Fashion Hero. Almost a year ago, I took the position as Head of Design for the House of St. Patrick, which is an exciting adventure for me.

Riccardo Serravalle House of St.Patrick

ANASTASIIA DWE: I think it is great that Pronovias decided to hire a young designer, just like you. What news do you bring to the brand?

RICCARDO: After more than 50 years, there was never really a dedicated Designer for the St. Patrick collection – so for me it is like building up a new brand with their own identity. Of course, I am following hereby the key elements of the brand that have been created and take them as a tradition to the next level. By creating desirable dresses with the beauty of elegance with focusing on details and craftsmanship.

ANASTASIIA DWE: What is the difference between St. Patrick and Pronovias' dresses? Is it visible for a person, who knows nothing about the design or fabrics?

RICCARDO: They are two different brands with two different essences. Pronovias is a Fashion forward and stylish brand filled with red carpet and feminine silhouettes.

With St.Patrick we celebrate the classic elegance with beauty in craftsmanship, details and perfection for the contemporary bride.

The difference is in the essence of each brand. Because every bride has her own identity, style and personality, and this is what makes the difference, is an emotional connection with the dresses and the brand.

ANASTASIIA DWE: What kind of 2021 trends in wedding dresses you can highlight for us? Will we see them in St. Patrick’s 2021 collection?

RICCARDO: I can’t reveal a lot of the collection, but I can say that the 2021 collection is inspired by one of the most classic movies of all time and my favorite: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with the amazing Audrey Hepburn. For each single collection of the brand (St. Patrick Studio, St. Patrick, St. Patrick La Sposa) I took particular details and built them into the Collections. Each of them are interpreted from a different point of view of the movie. The sparkling jewelry in Breakfast at Tiffany’s opening scene, the elegance of New York’s Upper East Side and the city’s romantic side, beautifully captured in this iconic movie are all represented in these collections.

St. Partick wedding dresses 2021

St. Partick wedding dresses 2021

ANASTASIIA DWE: Are you a brave designer? Or a more classic one?