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How much does a wedding cost in Portugal?

The creation of a wedding budget or, “investment”, is one of the most important tasks for every bride and groom in the primary stage of their wedding planning. Because, when you understand your possibilities, you can move forward and realize your dreams, utilising the professionalism and experience of your wedding planner.

Wedding budget in Portugal by Dream Weddings Europe

But how can the bride and groom handle this without any help? Where can they find the necessary information? Especially given, that the wedding industry is one of the most “hidden” industries in a world?

One of the easiest options is to ask your recently-married friends.

But it is not the best option, since a wedding of your friends might be in another country, with another style, a different budget, etc.

How much does a wedding cost in Portugal?

Here we aim to help you understand what kind of budget you will need to plan an elegant and high quality wedding in Portugal.


If you enjoy quality service, well-presented and delicious food, beautiful locations, and elegant décor – you are on the right website.

At Dream Weddings Europe, this what we love and appreciate.


Comparing to France and Italy, in Portugal you’ll find some better prices for the same level of service and quality.

Reception prices start from 120 Euros/person.

This estimate includes a cocktail hour with selection of canapes, a 3 courses dinner, at least 2-3 hours of Open Bar. There exists a great bonus for every wedding in Portugal: alcohol is always included and nobody counts how many bottles of tasty Portuguese wine you and your guests consume during the day – it is always unlimited.

Venue rental fee from 3 000 Euros to 25 000 Euros.

It could be a private venue, a resort or a hotel, a quinta (Portuguese farmhouse).

Sound/lights/DJ from 2 000 Euros.

It usually includes a sound and microphones for the ceremony, sound system for the cocktail, sound and decorative lightening for the dinner, sound and lights for the party, DJ and technicians.

Live music from 1000 Euros.

This price is related to a small band, a vocalist, Fado music sometimes. If you wish to have an instrumental band, consider something closer to 2000 Euros and more.

Please note, in Portugal is very common to present VAT tax (23%) separate from the price.

Wedding budget in Portugal by Dream Weddings Europe

All things considered, we recommend planning around 400-500 Euros per guests (estimating 100 guests) as a base for your wedding in Portugal. The total for your wedding day will therefore, depending on your dreams and wishes. However, we believe that when you have an idea of the reality of the prices, it can protect you from making costly mistakes.


If you are not sure about Portugal, consider Greece or Spain, where nearly the same budget can afford you a similar wedding day experience. And, of course, we can also plan your wedding in either of these locations as, our experience has no borders.



- Please note, “negotiate a price” is not common in Europe. But some companies might accept it if they really interested in your wedding;

- Choosing photo & video you may have a look to different European countries, because these professionals normally work worldwide. And sometimes you can get a very nice proposal, if the chosen destination is interesting for a photographer;

- Trust in a wedding planner, who tells you a higher budget: it is better to save some money during the planning than to be disappointed that you spent much more than have planned before;

- If you will plan wedding during 1 year or even more, the cost of every supplier will be divided to several parts and it might be easier for your wallet.

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