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Fronteira Palace: one of the most beautiful Lisbon wedding venues

Hello, readers!

At Dream Weddings Europe, we love to plan and produce destination weddings for sophisticated couples coming from every corner of the world. Since we are based in Portugal, this country is our main working area.

Portugal is the perfect choice for many couples, not only for its weather, for its food, for breathtaking ocean views, but also for its culture. The country has so much history and heritage sites, it even makes it hard to choose from so many! But today, we are choosing to let you know a little bit about Marqueses da Fronteira Palace, one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Lisbon due to its aesthetic, intimate feeling and history.

The Fronteira Palace, also known as the Marqueses de Fronteira Palace, was built around 1670 by Dom João Mascarenhas (1st Marquis of Fronteira) and his wife Dona Madalena de Castro. It was intended to be the family's summer home. However, after being rebuilt and expanded after the damage caused by the 1755 earthquake, it became the main residence of the Mascarenhas family, which continues to reside in the palace today.

Marqueses de Fronteira Palace is surrounded by several gardens, fountains and other architectural elements that make it magical. The Palace is a phenomenal place to organize a destination wedding in Portugal, as it is not only a beautiful place for photographs, it is also a cultural experience.

Most weddings take place in the beautiful gardens of the Fronteira Palace.

As soon as we enter the Formal Garden (garden at the lower part of the Palace), we are faced with an enormous amount of beautiful bushes rigorously designed. On the right, at the bottom of the garden, the large Tank of the Knights marks its presence - a huge tank decorated with beautiful statues. This garden is beautiful for a ceremony or cocktail - it has several areas in the garden that can be used for different parts of the wedding.

Between the garden and the Palace wall, we can find a large patio, also suitable for a cocktail with a view over the beautiful garden and over Lisbon.

Surrounding the palace through this courtyard, we can find a second corridor - this is one of the most beautiful and comfortable places in the venue to idealize a ceremony, as it is under the shade of the trees and is decorated with a small fountain on the opposite wall.

As we ascend to the intermediate level, the Garden of Venus, we will find a garden again decorated with boxwood beds and exotic trees: the perfect place for a cocktail in the shade on a hot summer day. In addition to the garden, we can visit Casa da Água, a structure placed at the bottom of the garden whose interior is painted in frescoes.

When we reach the upper level of the garden, the Terrace - Galleries of the Liberal Arts

This patio, decorated with beautiful statues against the wall, and typical Portuguese tiles, is the perfect place for any part of the wedding, whether it be a dinner up to 156 people, a cocktail or a party.

Since this space is the only place in the palace suitable for a party, it can be divided and receive another part of the wedding or used only for the purpose of hosting a lively wedding party, with a comprehensive view of the Garden of Venus.

Inside the Palace

we can find two rooms that can be used for your big day: a small room, with capacity for 52 people, directly connected to the patio - a great use of this room could also be the assembly of a dessert buffet or snacks for your guests to enjoy during the party that is happening right next door.

The Sala das Batalhas, the largest room in the Palace, can receive up to 100 guests and accommodate a dinner inside the Palace if you prefer a more protected environment. Once again, this room also has a privileged view of the magnificent gardens.

In general, Palácio Fronteira is ready to receive around 156 guests if you are planning on having an outdoor dinner, and 100 guests if you would rather have dinner inside the palace.

Prices range according to season, day of the week, number of guests and a lot of other factors, however you can expect a rental fee around 4 000 EUR plus Portuguese IVA (23%).

Although the Palace lets their spaces be used for events, it is not made to be an event venue, which means it is not equipped with the materials you will need such as tables, chairs and decoration - these materials need to be rented by the couples from another company, and the best way to make sure you don't miss any details is to hire a quality wedding planner.

Due to its cultural heritage, the Palace has some restrictions about how their spaces can be used. Some examples are time restrictions (they allow the party to go on until 2am), decorations can only be set up if they don't damage the venue and additional things related to the way we can use the facilities.

The Fronteira Palace will be the perfect venue for you if you are looking forward to combining your big day with a cultural experience to your guests and if you would like to add a historical touch to your celebration. And let's not overlook the amazing views, gardens and the wonderful building you will be at - the Palace is indeed breathtaking, and your guests will never forget this day!

Contact Dream Weddings Europe - premium wedding planner in Portugal to know more about Fronteira Palace and weddings there.


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