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3 Best wedding venues on the French Riviera

Dear reader,

Being an international wedding planning company with many years of experience, we know that choosing a venue is one of the most important steps in the process of your wedding preparations.. And actually not only an important step, but also the first one (after you chose a wedding planner you trust in).

At Dream Weddings Europe we plan weddings in different countries and, this time, let's talk about France.

France is a beautiful country, France is a "delicious" country, but also a very trendy country. One of the most fancy places to get married in France is Côte D'Azur (of course!).

This Southern region is very big, but we will talk only about the city of Nice (which has the main international airport) and the surrounding area.

Why? Because when couples choose to have a destination wedding, they usually don't want to go far from the big city. Imagine if you and your guests have a 6 hours flight and then needing to spend 3 hours to get to the venue - it makes the trip a bit harder.

What are the most famous French wedding venues? Of course, the châteaux.

In this article we will show you our choice of 3 amazing châteaux (well, they might have a different name, but for us it is still a beautiful château style venue :)) situated about a 30 min drive from the city of Nice. All of them are worldwide famous, luxurious and, for sure, the best.

Château Saint Georges

3 best wedding venue on the French Riviera

Let’s start by having a look into Château Saint Georges, near Cannes. Did you know that the word “Château” means small palace? But don’t be fooled by the word “small” - there’s more than enough space for you and your guests!

The venue accepts up to 120 guests regularly, however don’t be afraid to ask them for a proposal if you have more guests - we have spoken to their wedding managers and they seem to be quite flexible if the amount of guests is safe for the space, even if they are more than 120.

The Château was built back in the 19th century to be the home of a famous perfumer - it is not a coincidence that some of the world’s most famous perfumeries are just a few minutes away. The structure of the palace is so luxurious that it was even nicknamed Le Petit Versailles of the French Riviera, and it offers many modern amenities and breathtaking views of the Cannes and Grasse bay.

3 best wedding venues on the French Riviera

In order to host your wedding at Château Saint Georges, you will need to rent the venue exclusively for you, and you will be able to enjoy their accommodation and their Villa Norah (a few minutes walking distance), which has a total of 20 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 40 guests. If you prefer, you can also enjoy other hotels nearby.

The Château also allows you to play some music until 10pm in the garden, and if you decide to move the party inside, you can party until 3am!

Rental prices range from 17 000 EUR to 45 000 EUR, from June to September, depending on the number of nights you are booking for your wedding stay and the number of guests - you can also contact the Château or your wedding planner for further information about rental prices during low season.

3 best wedding venues on the French Riviera

Be mindful that, as any historic infrastructure, some restrictions might apply: for example, the Château demands a damage deposit to be paid in case there are some damages during your wedding.

We highly recommend checking out this venue. We are sure that, just like us, you will fall in love with this place!

Bastide du Roy

If you are looking for something closer to the coast, take a look at Bastide du Roy.

Bastide du Roy was a wedding present to a former English king, and in 1924 it was bought by the famous fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin as a wedding present for his daughter Marguerite, who was also his muse. This is a beautiful wedding venue! Their management describes it as being the perfect mix between Cote D’Azur and Provence due to its green spaces and olive trees.

It is composed of the main building, several different gardens and even a swimming pool. The place has the capacity to host a wedding up to 280 people. Since they only accept one wedding per day (or even per two days) they are quite flexible with the areas you can use. The place also offers 5 bedrooms if you are planning on staying the night.

3 best wedding venues on the French Riviera

In Bastide du Roy, you can party until 2:30am, and their prices range from 15 900 EUR to 19 900 EUR depending on the number of guests. Some additional requirements the venue asks is for additional security depending on the amount of guests, a security deposit and also that the couple chooses from one of their trusted catering companies. All this information can be requested by your wedding planner to the venue, so you know exactly what to expect!

3 best wedding venues on the French Riviera

If you are interested in having your wedding at this beautiful venue, don’t hesitate to visit it if you have the chance, we are sure you will be amazed by its beauty!

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

3 best wedding venues on the French Riviera

Walking along the French Riviera, between Nice and Monaco you will find a beautiful wedding venue named Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. It was built during the “Belle Epoque” period, and it consists of a small palace structure, with majestic gardens surrounding it overlooking the sea and beautiful fountains, giving it the ultimate fairytale feeling!

 Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild allows events up to 400 guests comfortably, and maybe more if the logistics allow it. You can party outside until midnight, and then move the party inside and stay until 4am. Although the venue does not have accommodation, they are located in a fairly touristic area, so you will find a lot of suitable accommodation around.

Their rental prices vary according to several different factors, and can go from 20 000 EUR up to 50 000 EUR. The venue asks that the couple hires from their selected vendors, however your wedding planner will be the best person to help you evaluate them and get you the best quotes.

3 best wedding venues on the French Riviera

The Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is definitely a French Riviera gem and a dreamy wedding venue, so make sure you check it out!


We know, it’s hard to choose from such beautiful places.

But that’s what I am here for: to help you choose a venue according to your needs and wishes, and to help you create the most beautiful wedding.

To plan your wedding in the French Riviera, feel free to reach out to Dream Weddings Europe.

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Anna John
١٦ سبتمبر ٢٠٢٣

Personally, I like France, and the French Riviera in particular! There are so many beautiful venues there so it took 8 months for us to pick the one. Le Mas de la Rose and Belles Rives are gorgeous! We were choosing btw them, but have decided to opt for the latter one. French Riviera is a dreamy place to get married. I think everyone could find the venue there based on their budget. I am willing to make it a fully French wedding so my attire will be create by Dressarte Paris, shoes from Longhamp, Laduree's cake, even voiturettes will be delivered from Marcell. Can’t wait to marry my best friend there!

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