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Destination wedding in Porto: venues

Nowadays Porto, the northern capital of Portugal, is one of the most interesting travel destinations for people from all over the world. And we are so happy that couples are starting to consider this beautiful city as a dream wedding destination as well.

There is an airport, that receives flights from many countries. There is an incredible architecture, totally breathtaking. There is a beautiful river with outstanding views. There is great customer service and tasty food. We should also say something about the wine - Northern region produces one of the best wines in the country. You'll fall in love with Porto and also with the area around it. And don't worry about the weather, it's lovely during the summer months!

But what is most important for every couple? Of course, the venue of their dreams! We will be delighted to show you some beautiful venue locations that we love in the area.


Discover the palace of the eighteenth century that, for a few days, will be your haven Located on the river that gives life to the best wine in the world, the venue rises serene, between French style gardens and granite stonework, in a contrasting and balanced dialogue.

Our favorite venue! Distance from the airport (Porto): 18 km Accommodation on site: yes Max guests: 300 Sound restrictions: 06:00 Extras: Winner of the 2015 award for Best Boutique Hotel, awarded by Travel Awards Publituris


The Palace was one of the most luxurious royal retreats Commissioned in 1888 by King Charles I of Portugal, the Palace’s interior is truly unique and steeped in history, with antiques and fine paintings adorning the rooms. Distance from the airport (Porto): 122 km Accommodation on site: yes Max guests: 140 Sound restrictions: 02:00 Extras: they have a convent in the hotel, called Convento de St.ª Cruz do Bussaco


Designed last century, during the reign of King Carlos I, this Palace Hotel was opened for the first time in 1910 With distinction, as one of the Leading Hotels of the World, the hundred year old Palace now provides a luxury service. Distance from the airport (Porto): 135 km Accommodation on site: yes Max guests: 250 Sound restrictions: depends on the room you choose for the party


For centuries a private sanctuary that welcomed Kings and Emperors, the Hotel is now open to all those that appreciate the art of fine living and to those that want to discover the love legend of Prince Pedro and the fair Inês de Castro The hotel is a member of the “Small Luxury Hotels of the World” Distance from the airport (Porto): 132 km Accommodation on site: yes Max guests: 350 Extras: Home of one the most beautiful love stories in the world starring the XIVth century Prince Pedro and Inês de Castro. Here they lived their forbidden love affair. Legend says that it was here that Inês cried for the last time, while being pierced by the daggers of the killers sent by King Afonso , Pedro’s father. Her blood still colors the stone bed of the fountain that was born of her tears the tears that gave the name to this romantic estate. When D.Pedro became King he crowned Inês as Queen of Portugal after her death and made everyone on court to kiss her dying corpse. After, he killed the 2 soldiers that murdered her (by his father command) by ripping their hearts out.

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