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When she was a little girl, Melanie visited the beautiful Saint Petersburg, and once home she promised herself to come back to this wonderful city. And her dream came true with the love of her life Nima, who took her on a magical cruise with a 2 days stop in Saint Petersburg, where they decided to celebrate their wedding with their most beloved friends. For the symbolic ceremony we have thought about the small part of the palace of Catherine II, that is located on a small island of the Russian Queen park. The ceremony was followed by the cocktail at the same place.

The dinner took place in one of the best restaurants of the town, with a gorgeous view on the river and St.Isaac Church.

The restaurant that was privatized for the couple's event, offered great Russian dishes with premium Vodka and French wines - all was thought for a perfect tasty dinner. 

The wedding styling was created around the Great Gatsby theme, that perfectly fitted the couple's style. 

For the guests' gifts we have chosen a local designer to create delicate handmade fans of feather for ladies and unique feather fountain pens for gents: all in Gatsby style. To end their magical stay in Saint Petersburg, the couple spent their last day on a privatized boat visiting this great city on the water. All we can say is that Melanie was filled of joy to realize her dream ... 

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Photography: Rodion Shapor

Decor and flowers: Milo Manilo Decor

Hair & Make up: AS Backstage

Featured on WedLuxe Wedding Magazine

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