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Purchase a WEDDING OR EVENT STYLING SERVICE FOR PLANNERS consisting of a comprehensive Creative Concept and detailed Styling
Project for a wedding or an event you are currently planning.

We will design it according to your client's taste and preferences and make it match your company's style and philosophy. This service is available for wedding and event planners worldwide.


To know more about this service, we suggest reading our blog post here.


How does the Wedding or Event Styling Service for Planners work?

The WEDDING OR EVENT STYLING SERVICE FOR PLANNERS is an online service available for any wedding or event planners whose clients have already chosen an event Venue and a Date and is delivered through the following four steps:


Step One

In the time frame of 24 hours after your purchase* you will receive an email from us to schedule a video call with DWE Creative Director, Wedding Planner & Stylist, Anastasiia Halla.


*from Monday to Friday between 10 am to 8 pm GMT


Step Two

During the video call (ranging from 30 min to 60), Anastasiia Halla will engage in a conversation aiming to collect helpful information about your client's style and taste, enquire about the philosophy and style of your company, the Venue's singularities and your clients' favourite things like for example, favourite movies, etc.


From this conversation, Anastasiia will extract the essence for creating the Creative Concept, the idea to follow and explore creatively in the Styling Project.


Step Three

Anastasiia Halla will create a PDF of the Wedding or Event Styling Project with a comprehensive description of the Wedding or Event Concept, Style, Florals, Decoration Props and Floor Plan. It will be delivered seven to ten business days following the day of the video call.


Step Four

You can ask, by email, for up to three changes of the PDF Wedding Styling Project.


Please note that the Wedding Styling Service does not include a Site Inspection.


If you are having questions, please contact us by the email


  • Online Service.

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