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Purchase a complete Wedding Venue Search Service according to your unique requirements, for one of the following countries:








How does the Wedding Venue Search Service work?

The Wedding Venue Search Service is an online service delivered through the following four steps:


Step One

In the time frame of 24 hours after your purchase* you will receive an email from us with a questionnaire about the preferred country/region and the features you value in a Wedding Venue, and your possible Wedding dates.


*from Monday to Friday between 10 am to 8 pm GMT


Step Two

After your reply, and based on the information you shared, we will prepare a document with the best Venue options (up to 10 Venues) and deliver it to you during the seven business days following your reply. From this selection, we will ask you to narrow it down to five Venue

options from which we will then arrange for prices and conditions once you send us your choice.


Step Three

As soon as we get responses from the Venues, we will get back to you with all the information gathered and a spreadsheet with the comparison of prices, availabilities, conditions, advantages and disadvantages of the shortlist of the five Wedding Venues.


Step Four

Once you tell us the one you select as the perfect Wedding Venue, we will book it for you and send the contacts of the Venue's Management Team, and you can proceed to plan your Wedding day with them.


Please note that the Wedding Venue Search Service does not include a Site Inspection. If you wish us to do a Site Inspection for you, you can purchase, at any time an additional Site Inspection Service.


If you are interested in the Full Wedding Planning Service or having questions, please contact us by the email


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